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Video of 498A woman Manju Agarwal acting like a wild beast trying to bite husband

Husband had gone home to stay. 498A woman Manju Agarwal along with her daughter Anmol Agarwal trapped him in his own home. They locked the door from inside and hid the key. Thereafter they attacked husband and tried to snatch his mobile phone. Husband put the phone in his trouser’s pocket. Initially there was audio / video recording for some time. Thereafter since the phone was in the pocket of husband there was only the audio recording
Listen to the voice of 498A wife Manju Agarwal. How her voice changed like a wild animal. She even tried to bite husband in his groins. She is even admitting in the recording that she wants to bite husband.
After some time the 498A wife and her daughter Anmol Agarwal handed over the husband to police. Her lover Saif Alam had good political connection. Husband was charged for attempt to murder (section 307). He was in police custody for two days. He was roped with criminals and tortured in police custody and was even denied food on the beck and call of Saif Alam. Police did not believe this audio /video. This is height of corruption in India

Transcript of above audio / video

HUS: husband

Manju: 498A wife Manju Agarwal

Anmol: 498A daughter Anmol Agarwal

Hus:                       My person is also ready
MANJU:               Phone to Prabhu Bhayia. (Prabhushankar Agarwal is her brother who tried to supari kill the tea vendor and for that he was convicted to life term in lower court)
HUS:                      You send your persons my persons are also ready
MANJU:               Yes! Call! Call! Call Call! Call! Please call them
HUS:                      OK. Call your people
MANJU:               I will see. Call your persons. I will see. If you have courage stay here. (She challenges the husband to stay in his own home). Stay here. I will see.
HUS:                      I am here only
MANJU:               If you have guts stay over here
HUS:                      I am here only
MANJU:               OK! Stay here I am calling my persons. Just I am calling. If you have guts then only stay here
HUS:                      Hmm!
(Husband sensing some trouble had already taken out his mobile phone to do video recording)
MANJU:               You phone why???? (She suddenly attacks husband and tries to snatch his mobile phone with which he was trying to record her actions. Husband tries to keep her away from him but she all the more attacks him. For safety reasons now husband puts the phone in his trousers’ pocket. Hence the video recording is off but audio recording is still on)
MANJU:               Anmol break the phone. (Anmol shouts in the background. She was trained how to shout when her father comes. She is making noises such as husband was beating his wife)
MANJU:               Anmol break the phone! Anmol break the phone! Anmol Break the phone! Anmol break the phone!
Anmol:                 Shouting! Leave my mummy! Leave my mummy! Leave my mummy! She is making all sorts of noises. She is trained to do so
MANJU:               Anmol break the phone. Break the phone
Anmol:                 Continues to make shouting and weeping noises
MANJU:               Anmol do the recording. Do the recording.
(The mother and daughter wants to break the phone of husband through which he was doing the recording but at the same time they wanted to record the incident from their side)
MANJU:               Anmol do the recording that he is beating me. Anmol do the recording that he is beating me. Anmol do the recording. (She repeats this sentence several times)
HUS:                      (Stunned from this unexpected behavior and attack) Leave! Leave! Leave me! (Choro mughe!)
(Manju is trying to snatch the phone from husband’s pocket and husband is trying to keep her away from him. She is also punching him and husband is saving himself without making an assault on his wife. They had preplanned to trap him and hand over to police. They had installed a lock in the main entrance of the flat which could be operated from inside only. They had planned to lock the husband from inside. They had good source in police through her brother Prabhushankar and alleged lover Saif Alam. This clipping shows how Manju became an animal when she became angry. From now on just listen to her voice how it changes from normal human to a groaning wild animal. Manju holds the husband. She appears not being in her senses)
HUS:                      Are mughe choro bhai! (You please leave me)
MANJU:               He is beating me badly. He is beating me badly.
(By this time as per their training and plans Anmol now has locked the door from inside. She also had hidden the keys)
HUS:                      Open the door! (By this time he sensed the trouble)
MANJU:               I will not open. You will not flee after beating me like this.
HUS:                      I have not at all beaten you. (He was surprised from this drama)
MANJU:               No you have beaten me. (Anmol is doing acting of weeping from background). You have beaten me. Certainly you have beaten me. You have beaten me very badly. (She repeats that sentence several times)
HUS:                      I have not at all beaten you.
(Manju is trying to beat husband and trying to snatch his mobile phone. Husband holds her hands in order to save himself and his mobile phone. Anmol is making noises and she also tries to take out the mobile phone from the trouser of husband. But she is afraid coming too close to her father)
MANJU:               You have certainly beaten me. I will not open the door. Give me phone. He has beaten me
(By this time hearing the loud sound the neighbors and employees gathered outside the flat. They were now able to witness whole incident. One lady (whose name was also Manju and who is wife of husband’s cousin stands outside the locked door). Husband tries to save his mobile phone which has got evidence of his innocence. He gave the mobile phone to this Bhabhi (wife of cousin) from the fringes of the locked grilled door.)
HUS:                      Keep it. Keep it. (He desperately pushes the mobile phone in hands of bhabhi to save it from his wife)
(Nobody knew that the phone was still doing the audio recording. After the phone was handed over to bhabhi it started doing the video recording but pictures are not clear due to lack of light)
MANJU:               He has beaten me very badly.
Bhabhi:                 Bhaiya leave
HUS:                      I have already left
Bhabhi:                 Manju leave him
MANJU:               Delete his phone
Bhabhi:                 Leave
HUS:                      Keep the phone away
MANJU:               No! don’t keep the phone away
Bhabhi:                 OK! Leave
MANJU:               Bhabhi he is using the phone from many days against us. Don’t keep the phone with you
Bhabhi:                 Leave. Leave (Chor do)
HUS:                      Open the door!
MANJU:               I will not open the door
HUS:                      Open the door. Open the door
MANJU:               Bhabhi delete the phone. Delete the phone. Bhabhi delete all records from phone
(At this position wife was trying to assault husband and husband had hold her hands. Bhabhi was requesting husband and wife to leave each other. Husband was unable to let the wife free because he was suspecting that she would bite him. This scene was happening beside the locked grilled door. On one side the husband and wife were there and on other side the bhabhi with many employees were there)
Bhabhi:                 Chor do na! (Please leave). (To Manju) You first leave him
Manju:                 Bhabhi you first delete the records from phone
Bhabhi:                 Bhayia chor dijiye! (Brother please leave)
Manju:                 Bhabhi first you delete the records (She repeats this several times)
HUS:                      Oh! She is holding me.
Bhabhi:                 I don’t know how to delete the records in this
MANJU:               Tell somebody else to delete the records
Bhabhi:                 you open then close
MANJU:               He does the recording and puts in youtube. Bhabhi cancel the record
Bhabhi:                 Leave. I am doing
HUS:                      I have not !!!
MANJU:               Bhabhi please cancel the record
(Phone rings and bhabhi talks on phone. Phone is from her daughter and she is telling her that she is with uncle and auntee)
MANJU:               (Manju’s voice now becomes more horrific) Bhabhi delete the records. He will not let happen the marriage of Nikki.
HUS:                      I don’t have anything to do with Nikki (Niharika who is daughter)
(Now Manju tries to bite husband in his groins. Husband holds her tightly to save himself. Husband feels that if he frees her she will bite him in groins. He also cannot assault the wife and kick her away because she already had done several false criminal cases of assault on him. The situation is husband is trapped in his home and wife is trying to bite him. Onlookers are witnessing the incident from outside)
HUS:                      AH! Are you trying to bite me?
MANJU:               I will bite. I will bite
Bhabhi:                 Anmol help to make them free
(Bhabhi tries to delete records from the phone. But the phone is auto locked because husband had already provided the pattern locking in it. Still the phone was doing the recording which nobody knew)
MANJU:               Bhabhi get the records deleted. Bhabhi give the phone to that person (so that he could delete)
Bhabhi:                 I am unable to delete the records
MANJU:               Give the phone to somebody who can delete it
HUS:                      Give the phone to my person. (Husband shows to bhabhi that person)
MANJU:               Bhabhi don’t give phone to that person. Bhabhi don’t give. Bhabhi don’t give (She repeats this several times)
MANJU:               Bhabhi Kasam hai AApko (This is on god please don’t give the phone to that person)
HUS:                      Open the door at least
MANJU:               Don’t give the phone
Bhabhi:                 OK! I will not give. Please open the door. Please open the door. Please open the door
HUS: Open the door
MANJU:               I will not open the door (Listen the tone of her voice in anger). Bhabhi at first delete the phone
Bhabhi:                 I am unable to do so. It is not occurring to me how to delete this
MANJU:               Somebody please delete the records. (She identifies on person with name Sadhan da) Sadhanda please delete the records. Bhabhi delete the records. Delete the records from this.
HUS:                      you leave me.
MANJU:               Bhabhi! Somehow delete the records
Bhabhi:                 It is not happening. (She tried in vain to delete the records). This (mobile phone) is locked
HUS:                      You leave me
MANJU:               I will not leave you
HUS:                      Why you will not leave me?
Bhabhi:                 Anmol open the door
MANJU:               Bhabhi please don’t give the phone. Please keep the phone with you. Bhabhi Please I will get it deleted later on.
(By this time Manju has torn the clothes of husband)
Hus:                       You have torn my all clothes
MANJU:               Anmol do the recording.
Bhabhi:                 Phone is locked.
MANJU:               Bhabhi keep the phone with you. He has come here to do the recording. He poked me
HUS:                      I have not poked you. Don’t bite me
MANJU:               I will certainly bite
HUS:                      No! You will not bite me
MANJU:               He knowingly doing the recording
MANJU:               Remove the phone! Remove the Phone (Listen to her voice in anger). Remove his phone (She repeats this several times). He has made my life horrible. (Manju abuses the husband Harami ka bacha. Abuse is not very clear).
Bhabhi:                 Leave
HUS:                      Don’t behave like an animal and don’t bite me.
MANJU:               Show me how you upload this sala (abuse). Show me how you upload this. If I don’t make your life like hell then change my name
HUS:                      You have already made my life hell.
MANJU:               I will make your life hell and will make you rot in jail and die over there. If you dare to put this record on youtube(She threatened husband on strength of her criminal brother Prabhushankar and her alleged lover Saif Alam)
(By this time Anmol prepared to do recording in IPAD)
HUS:                      Your Saif Alam is already in bad shape
MANJU:               Whatever it is. Do you want to see?
HUS:                      Call him then
MANJU:               Anmol call mama (Prabhushankar) with other people.
HUS:                      Call everybody
MANJU:               Anmol call MAMA (Prabhushankar) with other people. Call Saif Alam
HUS:                      Nobody will come. I also have my people.
MANJU:               Then call your persons
Bhabhi:                 Anmol you help to get them freed. Anmol
HUS:                      I have not hold her. She is trying to bite me.
Bhabhi:                 Manju leave him
MANJU:               I will not leave him. I have to delete his phone.
(At this point the camera records the grilled door which is locked)
Bhabhi:                 It is not happening. (I am unable to delete this)
MANJU:               I have to get the lock opened. In whatever way it is possible. You cannot do like this.
Bhabhi:                 It is locked
MANJU:               He is recording this for Nikki. He is knowingly recording all this. Sala Harami
HUS:                      See you leave me otherwise I will have to raise my hands in defense
MANJU:               Yes raise hands. Raise! Raise the hands
HUS:                      Till now I have not done anything
MANJU:               You have beaten me.
HUS:                      I have not done anything
MANJU:               You have beaten me and that is recorded with her (Anmol)
HUS:                      Ok! If it is recorded then fine but don’t bite me otherwise that will be recorded too. You know?
HUS:                      See that you are hitting me and that is getting recorded
MANJU:               (To Anmol) you phone somebody. You phone to Saif uncle or anybody else. Phone to Prabhu Bhaiya (prabhushankar)
HUS:                      Saif uncle is your lover?
HUS:                      Leave me! (Choro)
Bhabhi:                 Manju Leave please. Bhaiya leave her
MANJU:               I will not leave
HUS:                     If I leave she will bite me. She is mad cat. See she has torn my all clothes
MANJU:               I will not leave him. He will come and beat me? I will not leave him
HUS:                      Or call the police over here
MANJU:               Bhabhi call the police
HUS:                      At the minimum the door should be opened
MANJU:               Call the police. (She repeats that several times)
HUS:                      I am not in a position to do anything
(By this time husband’s employee got hold of mobile phone from Bhabhi and he took it away)
So the recording stopped at this moment

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