Survival from 498A

Complete life cycle and use case of 498A, 307, 354

Interview of husband continued …

Q: What is the status of your 498A and other cases ?

My cases have come to trial stage. Lawyers are having nice time having feast over my hard earned money. Police mostly did no investigations and created the routine charge-sheets. I will have to slog before the courts for many years. My wife Manju Agarwal, and daughters Niharika and Anmol would be happy knowing that. There is one mysterious thing about the 498A case. The complaint letter for 498A was not even written by my wife Manju and there was no signature of hers on the complaint letter. Claim was made in that letter that her expired father was still giving me dowry. The corrupted police officer misguided the court and continued with the case. I believed this height of corruption was only possible through huge money of Haldiram and political connection of Saif Alam alleged lover of my wife.

Q: Is there any life risk of yours and from whom?

There is high risk to my life from my wife. She will only be benefited if I am not there. She has already said that to me in public. I have audio recording for the same. She would be the happiest person if I do suicide but I will never do that. Prabhuji has got great criminal contacts. But in proper senses he would not dare to do so since his existing case of attempt to murder of tea vendor is still pending appeal. But we cannot say anything what he can do if he goes out of his senses which he frequently does. I have already received threats to my life but I am not worried. The reason is my writings on internet will speak out. They cannot wipe out everything which I have written. They will have to slog in courts for several years if anything happens to me. But I request them to completely kill me if they decide to do that and not to leave me wounded because I don’t want to lead a life with any sort of weakness in body

Q. Your children are not there with you. What will happen to your business and assets after you?

I still have hopes with my son. I believe he has got self respect not to boast upon Haldiram’s money. I have faith that one day he will realize and come back to me. I wait for him. As a fallback if he decides otherwise I will look for an efficient heir for my assets. My only desire is my business should run and the employees’ families should not starve. Over time I will work out with some mechanism. I may also adopt some child.

Q: Your daughter is married without your presence. Is it not painful to you?

Severed hand does not feel the pain?

Q: Tell the readers something about your wife and marital relationship

Q: Tell us something about your in laws

Q: What had happened during the night of 19th May 2012?


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